My experience, recent projects, skills

My name is

Radosław Muszyński

I'm software developer and consultant.

My story

My adventure with programming and being a web developer began in 2004, when I created my first commercial website for a client.

At the beginning of my career, I created simple websites in HTML and CSS. I designed graphically myself using Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. To become a full-stack I added PHP, MySQL, and knowledge of Linux (I was a fan of Aurox, and later Ubuntu since 5.04). I also designed websites using Flash (and Swish) technology. Special place in my heart will always be for jQuery, which I've been using since version 1.0, CSS Garden and and W3 Validator.

Over the next years, I worked mainly for software houses and individual clients, gaining experience and learning more technologies, tools, frameworks. I started creating advanced e-commerce solutions and content management systems based on KohanaPHP frameworks, and later PhalconPHP. There was also more and more frontend in my work: JavaScript, Node.js with Express.js, Less and Sass preprocessors, (Twitter) Bootstrap solutions.

Since 2014 I have been working in international projects and teams. I improved my skills as a front-end devloper and fell in love with agile work methodologies. Since 2016 I have been operating as Riupress. I implemented particularly demanding and difficult projects, providing solutions based on Angular, Vue, React (with TypeScript). I also started training and hiring junior developers, and working on my own startups.

Current technology stack
Agile and project managment
I am a fan of LEAN, most often I work with scrum, kanban and BDD. I like Jira, workshops with clients, Lean Canvas and a five-day sprint.
My favorite backend setup is TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Knex.js with MySQL as a database, but I'm slowly migrating to a set with Golang and Postgresql.
Devops, CI/CD
I'm using Github, Github Actions, NPM,Docker, Kubernetes and Amazon AWS. I'm familiar with TDD and Gherkin syntax. I'm learning Ansible. I'm creating documentation with Vitepress and Swagger.
My main framework is Vue with TypeScript. I'm using it with Vite, Pinia, Nuxt, Vitest, Cypress, Capacitor end Electron. For design system i'm using Atomic Design aproach, with Tailwind, Sass, Figma and Storybook. I can work also with React and Svelte.
Work style
I work remotely. I have problem-solving style of work and I'm always focusing on good communication. I love Kaizen and self-education. My personality profile colors are red and white. I'm user of macOS and Ubuntu.
Timeline of career milestones
  • My first commercial website for client in HTML and CSS.April 2004
  • My first animation and website with Flash and ActionScript.July 2004
  • My first portfolio as web-developer.

    September 2004

    Together with a friend, we created our first brand as web-developers and started selling our services.

  • I created my first CMS with PHP and MySQL.April 2005
  • I started work as web developer for Micron.February 2006
  • I created my first online store.

    August 2006

    I create full e-commerce and CMS solution with PHP, MySQL, XHTML 1.1, CSS and elements of flash. All code was validated in the w3 validator, cross-browser and perfect for SEO. It was also first project where I used jQuery.

  • I created my first project with Kohana PHP.September 2008
  • I founded local news portal Wlc.pl - Lepsza strona Włocławka.February 2009
  • I created my account on Github.March 2010
  • I set up and started managing my first Hetzner dedicated server.April 2010
  • I founded my first company Riunet.March 2011
  • I started work as programmer for SiiMarch 2014
  • My first mobile app created with Ionic, Angular 2.x and Typescript.May 2016
  • I started my own brand RiupressOctober 2016
  • I started contract with Avenga

    October 2016

    On my first contract as Riupress I delivered new webpage for Citi Bank in Poland, and it was one of the most difficult projects in my career.

  • I started contract with LingaroJune 2017
  • I created my first Vue.js app.

    August 2017

    It was simple BI application with Qlick Sense and from that moment Vue.js is my main framework.

  • I started contract with IngeniousIOMarch 2019
  • I started training and mentoring program for front-end junior developersFebruary 2020
  • I started contract with CroduAugust 2020
  • I hired first junior developer from my mentoring programDecember 2020
  • I created first design system with atomic design.February 2021
  • I started contract with emagineFebruary 2022
  • My first project with Golang has been published.

    February 2023

    Micro-frontends architecture with SSR React rendering in Golang was amazing challange.

  • New version of the Riupress website has been published.July 2023

What i did recently for my clients

Case studies from my recent contracts

We don't do everything. We only work in a few domains. We focus on providing quality.

What I build and my role:

Analytics application for the gaming industry

Tech lead, front-end architect, senior front-end developer
Tasks and delivered value:

Together with my team, I designed and developed front-end application in Vue with Atomic Design approach. The type of application is a dashboard for a large amount of data and the presentation of analytical data, as well as communication with users.

What I build and my role:

Microfronted architecture for e-commerce

Senior front-end developer, front-end architect
Tasks and delivered value:

I had two groups of tasks:

  • preparation, implementation and training of other developers in the field of creating a dedicated Design System with Atomic Design for e-commerce based on React.js;
  • preparation of micro-frontends architecture and designing micro-frontends using React.js rendered on the server side using the V8 engine and Golang language.

As a result, an innovative, very efficient and radically reducing maintenance architecture was created, and the implemented process of building applications based on the design system resulted in a rapid increase in the quality of team work.

What I build and my role:

An app to find babysitters

Tech lead, app architect, full stack developer
Tasks and delivered value:

Together with my team, I designed and developed an application to search for babysitters for children, in which an important element was to ensure the best match between the parent and the babysitter, as well as the safety and speed of communication between them.

The application is divided into the proper application and the management application, built in Vue with the Atomic Design approach, and the API application. It has integration with payment system, chat, oAuth2 integration, notification system and sms gateway integration.

You would like see more? Let's contact me, meet and talk about my other projects!

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