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What, when and how can I do for you.

Yes! I can work for you

We can do something together

Let's see what I can do for you! I feel good in below roles:

Technology consultant
I can work for short and long term contract as tech lead, tech manager or senior developer.
Design system architect
I can help you, your team and your company implement processes and tools related to design systems.
Speaker / mentor
I help other developers to improve their skills, teach them to use the best practices and effective, agile work.
I love working with others! Do you have a business idea where you see someone like me? Let's talk!

I'm working remotely and prefers to work in US and EMEA time zones, but I am ready to move for a while or travel to your office!

Let's ask!

I'm ready for questions!

Yes, I know, you have questions about real costs, quality, and why I'm better than others.

You can call me or write email at radek [at] riupress [dot] pl. Let's make meeting and you will ask me about everything!

Stay in touch!
Want to work with me? Have questions or need support? Let's stay in touch on social media!
Company Data
Riupress Radosław Muszyński
7/9 Puławska Street, Flat 8
02-515 Warsaw, Poland
VAT UE: PL8882504378
REGON(PL): 340414161
Call me
Feel free to use our phone number to set up meeting:
+48 530 120 490
Call me between 9:00am and 4:30pm

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