Dedicated content management systems, mobile applications, agile project management.

Hello! My name is Radosław Muszyński and I am a full-stack developer. I am glad that you visit my website and I want invite you to take advantage of my services!


I provide services in the following three categories. Designs and create a dedicated content management systems, website and mobile applications, create user interfaces, I support content and technology teams working on startups

Projects outsourcing


Subcontracting and support for projects created by interactive agencies and software houses.

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Designing startups

Growth hacking

Designing and building startups in accordance with the methodology of Lean Startup.

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SaaS services

Ready solutions

Agile manage projects, create documentation, use my technology to build templates

Take advantage of dedicated systems!

What I use?

I use many technologies, programming languages and methodologies


JavaScript frameworks, html / css frameworks, mobile applications


Database, server environments, php frameworks


Documentation requirements, API modeling


Mock-ups and patterns, graphic design


Processes, versioning, testing, safety


Task management, agile methodologies, communication

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How I work?

The processes of project work lean on a few key steps:


Gathering, analyzing and documenting business needs


Create projects using agile methodologies


Testing and implementation of the required changes


Delivery and implementation of a service or product


Preparation and implementation of changes to the service or product


Service and post-implementation support

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Riupress on YouTube

For some time, I planned to launch a YouTube channel or other video platform. This is a big challenge for me and I do not hide that a very exciting event - Riupress has its own...

Published 28 styczeń 2019 in category Announcements

Transformation, or how Riupress changes

My activity in IT has always focused mainly on the provision of programming services. Many years ago there was no division into so many specializations and areas in the provision of services designed to operate on...

Published 4 sierpień 2018 in category Managment

Riupress in Austria - We Are Developers 2018

The We Are Developers conference will take place on 16-18 May in Vienna, Austria. This is another conference this year where I planned to be and I hope it will be great. All information about this...

Published 16 kwiecień 2018 in category Announcements


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