The We Are Developers conference will take place on 16-18 May in Vienna, Austria. This is another conference this year where I planned to be and I hope it will be great.

All information about this event can be found at [] (, but in short it can be said that this is one of the largest events of this type in the world and for sure one of the largest in Europe.

In principle, I do not go to this conference for technological reasons, I do not count on getting some new unique knowledge there. I am counting on getting business inspiration there and making interesting contacts. The agenda is quite wide, so it is definitely not a conference, for someone who is focused on a specific area, but for me it promises to be a lot of cool speeches.

May and June will be exceptionally busy months for me (I will write more soon), so I think that the conference will be a nice extra motivation and a big dose of positive energy for me.