My activity in IT has always focused mainly on the provision of programming services. Many years ago there was no division into so many specializations and areas in the provision of services designed to operate on the Internet. The knowledge I gained over the last dozen years of my work has allowed me to call myself a full-stack developer today. However, the industry is changing faster and I and my company are changing with it. The services I provide today are much more than just programming.

Riupress was founded as a result of fascination with agile management. I wanted to be a developer who can not only be an architect and performer of technical aspects of a project, but also a person who can manage projects, collect requirements, solve business problems before anything is programmed.

It required serious consideration of how I imagine my work and what are my priorities. You can not do everything. That's why I defined that I want to work in specific areas and specific technologies. At the beginning of the year, in the Riupress in 2018 post, I defined specific goals to be achieved. In the first half of the year I managed to achieve a lot, I verified a lot of things, and I am definitely better able to determine in which direction I want to develop myself and the company.

Riupress is currently a company that deals with:

mediation between IT specialists and companies seeking services in this area, but not in the traditional outsourcing or interactive agency model;

  • creation and implementation of project management software;
  • creating software for selected areas using a specialized and defined technological stack.

All listed points are closely related. The most important element is undoubtedly the emerging agile management application, which can cause that many people can perceive Riupress more as a startup than a normally operating company. This is not so important to me, let me admit that I am very close to the definition of a startup defined by Eric Rise - "A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty."

The second half of the year is a time of very intense work related to the implementation of all kinds of plans. Publication of a company application for clients and co-workers, new company website, creation of company advertising gadgets and finally creating new communication channels and promotion of my activity - all this is happening now and it is always a nice feeling when the effects of work are already visible.

I see myself not as a full-stack developer, but more between technology and business - an intermediary between two worlds that, despite the passage of time still, and perhaps now, need to look for better ways of communication among themselves. It does not bother me to develop myself programmatically (I will supplement my front-end stack with Reacta) and also develop in completely new areas such as Business Intelligence.

There is one more important change - I no longer act alone. Some time ago I started forming a band and looking for people with whom every project I will undertake will be possible to implement. This is probably the most difficult challenge at the moment, but I am convinced that this year Riupress will end up as a cool team with great results and work results.