I provide services in the following three categories. Designs and create a dedicated content management systems, website and mobile applications, create user interfaces, I support content and technology teams working on startups. I provide copyright ready solutions.

Projects outsourcing

If you are co-founder of interactive agency, which sometimes lack resources and need support programming or need to execute the project in technologies that are my domain - I am at your service. Look at full-stack developer technology workshop and see what I can do for you.

What I do?


Websites, mobile applications, user interfaces, portals, dedicated business solutions, CMS, administrative panels.

I am happy when I can work using Vue.js, Angular, Node.js or PhalconPHP.

For how much?


The cost of providing my services is dependent on many factors and is in the range of 90 - 130 zł net per hour.

The basis for the measurement execution time is always SRS (software requirements specification).

When can I start?


I start work after determining requirements, signing a contract and advance payment. I work from 07:00 am - 00:00 am.

If you need me in the near future, book my time now!

Designing startups

The experience of several years in the IT industry and advertising today is for me a fantastic asset for creating and building startups. Therefore, I am constantly interested in participating in interesting projects that have a chance to become a profitable business interests.

If you need in your team someone like me - write, call, let's meet and talk about cooperation.

SaaS services

Riupress idea is to create software that will not only help me in improving my services, but will also be used by other people. I'm working on three services:

Agile project management


Software used for agile project management. Organize the work of teams and control of projects

More can be found at

Template design


Software for prototyping and quickly create wireframes projects websites and mobile applications.

Soon available online!

Tworzenie dokumentacji


Software to generate a multilingual documentation for projects.

Soon available online!