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Riupress UI - library with Vue and Tailwind for my projects

Last week I published documentation of the Riupress UI library that I created some time ago for the purpose of quickly producing my own projects. The library is based on Vue (TypeScript) and Tailwind, and the Atomic Design architecture.

Why ?

For the last few years, Vue has been (and still is) my favorite framework. By creating new projects for clients, I am constantly expanding my knowledge on how to speed up and optimize the production of components in this framework.

While working with other developers at Riupress, I tested and checked building design systems in Vue, React and Svelte. Ultimately, I decided that if I wanted to build a startup and create a design system for it - I would choose Vue.

Ultimately, a library template was created, a collection of components, good practices and interesting solutions that I can use when building projects for clients as well as for my personal projects. On the website you can review the documentation of the project.

It will be open-source?

I am planning a small refactor of some components in the near future because I want to use them for one of the projects related to my contribution building the Vue devs community. Some components in Riupress UI are integrated with others that I develop for my own projects. For example, table components are integrated with a library that automates tabular data processing for Knex.js (for REST API in Express.js, Node.js). That's why, after the changes, I will probably make a large part of my library available under a different name and make it available as a public repo on Github.

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